Simplify and optimise compliance operations with Safer Gambling Cloud
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Vakandi Data's Safer Gambling Cloud is a risk management platform that helps in simplifying and optimising the gambling compliance related operational processes. Leveraging years of industry experience, data engineering and the latest in AI Knowledge Graphs.
One platform for player protection, AML & Fraud
Actionable data insights and reporting
ML models customised to your needs
Build sustainability in regulated markets
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Automate your gambling compliance risk decision making in all verticals
Take the Right Actions at the Right Time
Vakandi Data SGC learns from players’ behaviour to help you to automate your gambling compliance risk decision making process helping your compliance team be both more effective and efficient.


The solutions you need to make your compliance operations simpler and your operation team productive.

Player Protection
Vakandi Data SGC enables you to protect your players from problematic gambling. Machine Learning models continuously monitor the player behaviour and track player risk development over the time.
Vakandi Data SGC comes with necessary data insights and tuneable problem gambling risk mitigation recommendations so that your team can understand player play activity patterns and have quality conversations.
With Vakandi Data SGC you can maintain an audit trail of all player interactions and any interventions, show the regulators what actions were taken when and the resulting impact it had on the player behaviour.

AML & Fraud Prevention
Transaction Monitoring
Fraud Prevention
Smart Risk Decisioning
Regulators are beginning to conduct more investigations and imposing increasingly severe fines on the gambling operators that fail to comply with AML regulations. Fraud is also increasing significant problem, costing igaming operators millions of dollars yearly.
Vakandi Data SGC helps you in meet AML regulatory requirements and in fraud prevention. SGC monitors the transactions that your players make to assist you detect suspious activities. SGC builds the player profile that evolves with the player transactional activities.
With SGC, you can create, test and deploy rules to flag high-risk transactions without writing any code. Real time alerts, case management and reports - everything you need to build smart risk decision process are available in SGC.

How Vakandi Data SGC works?

1. Players' demographic, game play, and transactional data is passed to Vakandi SGC via integration or via customer manual imports.
2. SGC Machine Learning models are backed by our unique SGC Knowledge Graph to analyze data points and create risk scores and risk classification.
3. Alerts and incident can be generated based on your specific risk policies.
"The lack of information we have as an industry means that we all need to concoct our own systems and measures to do the best we can in identifying certain risks, whether that be related to RG, AML or anything else. I'm not familiar with many systems that can assist in all of these areas, but Vakandi SGC does. That's a huge bonus for an operator like us."
Matthew Curtis Photo
Matthew Curtis
Head of RG
L & L Europe
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Accelerate your compliance operations with SGC

Leverage SGC machine learning backed models to detect at-risk players in a matter of second.
- Models are retrained on a regular basis.
- Models are versioned and explainable.
- You can 'Bring Your Own Model' or use ours.
Take data driven decisions using SGC data insights.
- Analyze player game play, deposit and withdrawal patterns easily over time.
- Identify and keep the good players, whilst finding the bad actors to mitigate your compliance risk.
Simplify compliance operations using SGC Case Management, Document Management and Reporting tools.
- Reduce your manual overhead and bring transparency with the regulators.
- Use the out-of-box reports. Custom reporting is available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some common queries are below, but if you have other questions, please reach out.

    • What Jurisdictions does SGC work for?

      Whilst SGC is not specific to any particular jurisdictions it has specific supporting features for covering the needs of regulators such as UKGC, MGA, Spelinspektionen and Kansspelautoriteit.

    • Can I store player documents and other materials in SGC?

      Absolutely, SGC provides secure storage for documents and other files against player records allowing operators to keep everything in one place.

    • Does SGC detect players at risk in relation to problem gambling?

      SGC uses multiple alogrithms to detect players at risk, these algorithms are tuned and adjusted for each operator to ensure maximum effectiveness. We use Machine Learning (ML) to help tune models quickly and effectively. We also provide transparency by capturing the reasons behind a detection event and track the model version used every time an analysis is performed. Importantly model results can be overridden by analysts and that feeds back into the model.

    • As a SaaS platform do you pool data?

      No. Each operator has their isolated data storage and processing, there is no pooling of data, operators own their data and it may be exported at any time. Data protection is a key operating principal with Data Privacy and Data encryption core capabilities of the platform.

    • Does the system require PII to operate?

      No, the system is capable of providing most features without PII, That being said both Analyst usability and risk detection is greatly enhanced by providing it.

    • We have millions of customers, can you handle it?

      Yes, SGC is built to scale as big or as small as you need. Our underlying platform is designed to flex on demand meaning that we can deal with not just cyclical player activity but unexpected spikes in demand without having to pre-provision or run under-utilized resources.

    • I will need integration for our systems, can you do that?

      Yes, SGC is built for integration and works best when talking directly to your systems. Out of the box we provide means of importing and exporting data as well an API your own development teams can work to. Vakandi Data can also assist with integration both to custom operator and white label platforms our achitecture enables us to extend your specific platform instances.

    • Can we run SGC on-Premise?

      SGC is built on and runs in AWS. Our unique architecture and different tiering will allow us to meet your specific operational or regulatory requirements. At the largest scales of operation we can work with existing AWS infrastructure in highly efficient ways.

    • Beyond RG what can SGC do for me?

      Provide you valuable insights into your players, their behaviours and their product use. SGC is also under active development beyond RG and AML to include Safer Marketing and CRM integrations